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Reviews: Beneath This Mask and Beneath This Ink by Meghan March

Beneath This Mask

Patti's Review

I have to say, as a first time reader of Ms. March, Beneath This Mask was really good.  The story is well plotted out and written extremely well.  I was very pleased with the character development and interactions among all of the players.

This story mirrors the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme that was in the news not too long ago.  Charlie, the daughter of a shamed fallen billionaire, is on the run from the FBI, facing conspiracy charges.  While we all know that the ‘bad’ boy is usually the player in the book, Charlie is the ‘bad’ girl.  While finding her new self, she decides to cover her past with tattoos and piercings, choosing to stay away from the public eye and not commit to long-term relationships...until HE walks in the door of the tattoo shop she is working in.

Simon is the all around good boy.  Running for Senate to fill his father’s old seat, Ex-Navy, and just a nice guy.  But, you know what they say about nice guys, they always have to fight like hell to get what they want.  Simon walks into the tattoo shop and sees Charlie, and knows that he has to have her.  

So, being the non-spoiler girl that I am… the story goes on with how Charlie needs to get herself clear from the FBI, and Simon really does not want to be a Senator.  The twists and turns in this story are abundant and make for a quick read (well for me at least).  

With this being the first in this series, I am looking forward to what is next in this NOLA series.  I love reading the details about the city, it makes me want to go there like NOW.

Beneath This Ink

Patti's Review

This is the second book in this series.  I totally loved this one!!  The interaction between the characters and the way Ms. March overlapped the story to be in time with the previous book was perfect.

This is the story of Con and Vanessa, what started out as a one-night stand two years ago will certainly make for an interesting plot twist.

Vanessa needs something and the only person that can give it to her is Con.  The one man that she wants absolutely nothing to do with.  She has been lusting privately after that one-night stand for the past two years, and has not been able to move forward.

Con, the bad boy covered in tattoos, cannot remember that spectacular one night - it kills him that he finally had his crush and he cannot remember it.  The only thing he has wanted since the day his adoptive parents are murdered is revenge.  The one person that is responsible will tear him up.

Bring in the guy that wants Vanessa in a bad way to edge him into the ‘proper’ circles.  He is a self-made billionaire that will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  When he figures out the truth about Con’s parents, what will he do, the right thing, or the thing he needs to get Vanessa?

Through out this book, the twists and turns are amazing.  When the ‘murderer’ is finally revealed, I screamed!  Really was not expecting this one - it is the most amazing plot twist and story that I have read in a while.

This is a classic bad boy, good girl story, until you start really getting into it.  Con has a super soft side that I’m sure everyone will love, and Vanessa just wants to be wanted!  You know in the end, there is a HEA, but whose?  I was totally taken with this book, and highly recommend it.  I cannot wait for the next edition to this series…

Release Date: February 12, 2015

About Meghan March

Meghan March is a Michigan native who has spent a good portion of her life buried in a book. Case in point: she read the entire romance section of her small town public library by age fourteen. Even after growing up (sort of) and getting a law degree, she never lost her passion for a great story, twisty plot, epic romance, and amazing characters. When she’s not writing, she’s probably reading, target shooting, drooling over fast cars, or playing with her crazy mutt.
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