Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Grayson Siblings - Keep Me and Keep Her by Faith Andrews

Book 1 - Keep Me 

Sigh....doesn't everyone want someone like Marcus?  Someone willing to do anything for you without you asking, who wants to love you and take care of you, who is willing to reform himself to be what you need, who wants to give you everything you never knew you wanted.

Tessa's been through the ringer.  The last thing she's looking for is love, and certainly not with the little brother of her childhood best friend.  But once Tessa reappears, Marcus is finally able to act on the crush he's been harboring for her since they were kids.  Oh, there are plenty of obstacles, the biggest of which is Riley, Tessa's best friend and Marcus' sister.  I'm gonna be straight up - Riley annoyed me with her controlling nonsense.  But even if Riley's feelings hadn't been a hurdle, Tessa and Marcus each had enough baggage to complicate the matter.  Tessa needs to stand on her own two feet and learn how to trust again, and Marcus has to work against his man-whoring reputation to win her.  And trust me, he did have to work for every inch of ground he gained with Tessa.  That was an aspect that I really enjoyed - Marcus is a model who is used to getting whatever and whoever he wants without having to "earn it".  That was so not happening with Tessa, and it was nice for him to learn that the things that mean the most to have in your life are often the things you have to work the hardest to get.

As if the story itself weren't good enough, Faith makes it great by giving us characters that are believable.  Nothing about these characters, their actions or their emotions seem made up.  Tessa could work in your office, Beck could be your local fireman (don't I wish?), and Marcus, well, Marcus would be the random anonymous hottie you scope out at Starbucks. :). Even Riley's overprotective/domineering nature has aspects you could easily see in a real person in your life.  

Book 2 - Keep Her

**possible spoilers **

I'll be honest - I came to this book for Beck.  Riley's overbearing nature in "Keep Me" really rubbed me the wrong way.  I mean, she wasn't everyone's mother.  Then I read "Keep Her".  And realized that Riley thought that was what she needed to be - the planner, the watcher, the "anticipator", the one who could take care of everyone and keep them all from making mistakes and getting hurt.  So much so that she denied herself her own life (to a certain extent) so that she could be everything to everyone - mostly her father and Marcus, but by the time of the first book, Tessa as well.  Losing her mother devastated her family, and knowing that the two men in her life would not be able to manage on their own, Riley took charge and never looked back.

As much as I disliked Riley coming into this book, there were a lot of things going on with her that ended up giving me a big ol' case of the feels.  Everything she felt about losing her mother, about learning to live without her...those emotions were tangible and very relatable.   Having lost my own mother at a similar stage in life to Riley's, let's just say shit got very real for me.

And Beck.  Dear sweet Beck.  Hottie tottie fireman Beck.  He comes across as the kind of guy who prefers to see the best in people (even Marissa, but let's not go there).  He's had a thing for Riley since he was a teen, but was never in a position to act on it.  He and Riley realize their encounter was more than just a one-night stand/quasi-drunken hookup.  Even though it made Riley a hypocrite and Beck was risking his years of friendship with Marcus, they take that window of opportunity, nail that bitch open and throw themselves through it time and again.  They both know pretty early on that what they've got together could really be something.  But there are so many other factors at play, it is never just as simple as deciding to be together and making a go of it.  There are definitely some bumps in their road (a hot one named Griffin and a cuckoo one named Marissa), but by the time they get to where they were meant to be, Riley and Beck are all the stronger (individually and as a unit) because of the rough ride it took to get there.

Now that there is another available hottie in Griffin, I think we need a book three.  Keep Him, anyone?  :)

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hot-Blooded by Kendall Grey

I became a fan of Kendall Grey's before I even finished the first page of "Strings". Her Hard Rock Harlots series is one of my all-time favorites.

Hot-Blooded is nothing like the Harlots.


If you are a fan of the Harlots or any other KG books, do NOT judge Hot-Blooded by those books. Don't rule out Hot Blooded just because it sounds so different than any other KG title. Because if you did that, you'd be missing out on a pretty kickass book. Anyone who is KG-familiar knows that she has a talent for creating pretty bad-ass females, but they pale in comparison to the mastermind that is Keahilani. I have never encountered another character like her. Her chemistry with Blake is twistedly scorching. Her love for her brothers knows no bounds. She is willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe and keep her 'Ohana whole, even if she has to sacrifice parts of herself in the process. Keahilani is the antithesis of a predictable heroine. Make no mistake, this book is dark, but it is also completely enthralling.

The ending left an opening for another book to follow, and I really hope we get to see that book. Something tells me Keahilani has a lot more left to do.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Vengeance is Mine by Kasey Millstead

Wow.  This was a quick read (less than 200 pages), but one that I could just not quit.  It could've been longer, but didn't need to be because everything was covered. Anyone who has ever wanted revenge or vengeance of their own will like seeing Alecia's/Ella's plan come to fruition.  A/E was smart - she took her time in the planning and implementing of her revenge plot.  I was expecting there to be some wrench in the works that would thwart the plan, and was pleasantly surprised that there was not.  I felt early on that ***** was more than he appeared to be, but his true identity was more than I expected.  And the chemistry was HOT!

I know the story was wrapped up at the end, but Alecia, Cade, Marcus and Sheridan were characters I wouldn't mind seeing again.  Maybe A and M could join Cade's business?  That would make an interesting series .  :)

I really enjoyed Kasey's straightforward writing style.  This is the second books of hers that I have read, and I am a bigger fan after this book.

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